Currently in research are the Community Rangers for Kesgrave.

The Community Rangers featured image

Kesgrave has recently been a target to many bike thefts, in the past we have had anti social behaviour, egging’s, car damage, vast quantity’s of litter, vandalism and other petty crimes take place around the area.

In the light of recent events and due to the unfortunate police cuts, I’d like to know people’s opinions on introducing a community team similar to those of the fantastic Ipswich Street Rangers, who do a great job and have saved the town centre thousands of pounds from thefts and crimes. This team would patrol in pairs around Kesgrave wearing a visible uniform, a torch, a body camera to record everything, radios and carry all the necessary equipment they would need.

This team would NOT be the police. They would be the eyes and ears for the police. They would liaise with the council and police to talk about issues or their findings. They would only have citizen powers, unless accredited by the police in the future (Police accreditation scheme) but would have the necessary rigorous training to deal with incidents and first aid matters.

Their role would include:

– Reporting any damages or breakages they find to the necessary organisations.
– Safely clearing dangerous items found (glass, alcohol bottles, needles etc).
– Deterring crime by being a visible presence to others.
– Recording and reporting anything they see to the police.
– Patrolling in pairs down individual streets looking for anything suspicious (NOT by searching individual houses).
– High standard first aid trained so they help give a first response if required and potentially help save a life.
– Trained on organisations to offer support on homelessness, drugs, alcohol and mental health.
– Be a general helping hand to members of the community.
– Offer advice on the security of your home, if asked.
– And much more.

The team would be fully trained, insured and carry the necessary equipment needed to do their job and they would be contactable by any member or the public if required.

This figure has worked in several other town’s communities and area’s reducing the crime rate and helping the police do their job, the police do fantastic jobs but are majorly stretched thin.

– This “Community Rangers” team would NOT be a police alternative –

Everything would be documented and the organisation would only have the communities best interest at heart.

In relations to funds – this project would be funded by either through grants provided by the police or council or depending on feedback at a very very low cost to the community, and I really do mean very low.

Please take into consideration this is only a brief summary, there is a large amounts of information that has not been posted here. I’m hoping this gains the support of the local community so we can make a beneficial change.


Chris Bones