kesgrave features

Welcome to the Kesgrave.News which is an opportunity for residents to find out what’s going on in Kesgrave with information on activities, events, clubs and much more.

Kesgrave is a small town in the county of Suffolk. It lies in close proximity to Ipswich Town, which is on the west side of Kesgrave.

The area was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Gressgrava. From the 15th century its name had become Kesgrave. It had been a small agricultural settlement for over 700 years. The village had a church an inn, and a few farmsteads.

The population was 3381 in the 1960’s, this has grown to a staggering 15,000 in 2017. Kesgrave parish council officially adopted the title of a town in January 2000.

Kesgrave is highly ranked in national surveys for wellbeing and one of the best places in Britain to live. The Town was awarded Suffolk’s most active Town in 2015, thanks to the diversity of sporting activities within its boundary.

Kesgrave popularity is not a surprise; partly because its airy layout. It comprises mainly large properties with generous sized gardens. This is combined with many high-end job opportunities in neighbouring settlements. On the east, one of the largest ports of the country – if not the largest – is just a stone throw away with thousands of job opportunities. Whereas westwards, Ipswich offers many high end blue collard positions to people who are eyeing up to live in Kesgrave.

Hope you enjoy living in, working in or visiting Kesgrave.